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Pep Sau


Pep Sau (Olot, 1963)
Photographer combines photography and visual arts interventions.
He has held exhibitions in Olot, Vic, Girona, Figueres, Barcelona, Huesca, Tournefeuille, Perpignan, Budweiser and Zagreb.

Colaborating in publications on architecture, landscape and anthropology.


  • The structure of the Sombras – Bell-place William J.R. Curtis, RCR Architects (2009).
  • Faculty of Law, University of Girona, RCR Architects (2011).
  • St. Paul, landscape history, Miquel Àngel Fumanal Albert Reixach, Pep Sau (2011).
  • Cases that do not call – the farmhouse the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park, RCR Architects, Antoni Puigverd, Pep Sau (2012).
  • Casa Rosa Barcelona, Pep Sau (2013).
  • Musée Soulages – Conception, RCR Architects (2014).
  • Intangible Tangible, RCR Architects (2015).
  • The artiste terre & Claudi Casanovas (2015).
  • 17 Works by RCR Architects, The pins of the Garrotxa (2015).
  • Built Built RCR Architects Building Works (2016).

Art photography from his creations have been stripped up to a simplicity close to minimalism, in search of “pure play” with few elements but complex formal and conceptual themes. The pieces are not only concentrated on the visual but also in language, phraseology, semantics. Word and image become a tool at your disposal to communicate feelings to the viewer, which is the true protagonist of his work

The work of Pep Sau tells us we complete.

His artwork