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Daniel Zerbst


1974 Born in Braunschweig , Germany.
Study of Gold – and Silversmith in Wolfenbüttel (Germany).
FS – School for arts and crafts in Braunschweig and Hannover.
Study of  Art history , Drawing ,  Aquarell and  Calligraphy .
1992   Prize for ,,young design´ánd collectiv exhibition of the foundation,Sprengel


  • ”Phase REM”, Vacio Gallery, Paseo de Gracia,in Barcelona.
  • Exposed with Damien Hirst and J.Fontcuberta at the ”Boulevard Rosa”,Barcelona-Spain.
  • “MotorCrisis2”at the Galeria Siart,Cadaqués,Spain.
  • Video Presentation at the ,Plaza de teatro in Figueres,Spain.3. Tramuntana Festival.
  • Video production oficial ,Festival internacional de musica´of Cadaques.
  • CollectivExhibition”de Tapies a Chillida”(with works of Dali,Picasso,J.Miro,Chillida,M.Barcelo) in the ,Museu recreatiu  l’Amistad, Cadaqués.
  • Colaboration TV Docu Serie ,Works of the World´, WGBH Boston , USA.
  • “Reloaded Memories”, Gomez Turu Gallery , Barcelona.


  • Exhibition ,”Revolver girls”, Jens Fehring Gallery , Frankfurt a.m , Germany.
  • Production of Shortmovie ,TRANSIT´, 17min,HD.                                                                                                               Exposition “,Sweet Stormbringer” ,Galeria Siart, Cadaqués,Spain.
  • Exposition/Collective ,3.Ruta d´Art´(Catalog),Castelló d´Empúries,Spain.
  • Presentation of ,TRANSIT´at the VAD Festival (International Festival of video and digital arts),Girona ,Spain.
  • Nomination for the ,,Metropolis´´Prize.
  • Exposition ,Revolvergirls+Sweet Stormbringer´, Showroom Musas, Barcelona / Spain.


  • Presentation at the ,,Art Madrid” (by “Riera Gallery”, Barcelona),   Madrid,Spain.
  • Concept Exposition ,,Art Hybrids´´,Collectiv, in the ,,Galerie de Echarpe´´, Toulouse/ France.
  • “Art I Braus”, Colectiv-Exposition ,Gómez Turu Galley´(with Miquel Barceló) Barcelona Spain.
  • Exposition “The Promised Land” Galeria Siart´´, Cadaqués, Spain.
  • Exposition “Süsses Gift”, Gallery Hof-Nr3 , Goch ,Germany.
  • Culture Project, Nit d’Art” in the ,,Espai Dalí in Cadaqués / Spain.                          Expo.”the Polaroids” in the Convent de St. Agusti, 4a Ruta de l’Art in Castelló d’Empúries, Spain.
  • Selection and presentation of the filmproject ,,PhaseREM” at the ,,Filmmakers” of the Galeria H2O in Barcelona / Spain.
  • Expo. Collectiv ,,12+12” in the Galeria ArteMenudo in Lugo / Spain.


  • Expo “Zeitgeist” in the Gómez Turu Gallery, Barcelona.
  • Performance and Expo. ,,Bodyprints+Motorart” in the Hot Dreams Gallery, Barcelona.
  • Installation , Performance and projection of TRANSIT in the Galeria Cràter in  Barcelona.
  • Production of the shortfilm OPAL , 5.15min.
  • Expo. Collectiv ,,Megacool 4.0 Jugend und Kunst” in the K/Haus (Künstlerhaus) in Vienna. In colaboration with the Goethe Universität, the national archiv of youth culture and the association of plastic artists of Vienna. With Andreas Gursky, Nan Goldin, Daniel+Geo Fuchs amongst others. National archive Germany. Catalog. Vienna / Austria.
  • Expo “Anathomy of a screen” with Fiumfoto and Tamara Kuselman in the Gallery Lola Orato in Oviedo / Spain.
  • Projection of the movie ,,Phase REM” at the main square and in the Galeria Patrick Domken´´ in Cadaqués.
  • Workshow + exposition in the ,,Espai Dalí” and colectiv show in the Galeria Siart´´in Cadaqués / Spain.


  • Exhibition ,,ARTGESCHOSS”, 35 artists 350 artworks. Catalogue. Wolfenbüttel,  Germany.
  • Expo. SUMMERSHOW, Riera Gallery, Barcelona / Spain.
  • Expo. ANNIVERSARY SHOWS, Galeria Cadaqués + Espai 2. With works of Richard Hamilton, Jasper Johns, Bruce Nauman, Marcel Duchamp and Ralph Zeta amongst others.
  • Exhibitions in the Galeria Fort, Cadaqués,Spain.
  • Fundació Tharrats d’art gràfic in Pineda de Mar,Spain,
  • Galerie Etang d´Art in Bages, France and the Wingfield Arts Festival in                          England.
  • Participation collective show in the Gallery Hof. Nr. 3 in Kalkar,Germany. Individual show ” Yes We Camp” in the Gallery Kunstsortorium, Braunschweig / Germany.
  • Exhibition ”Surrealismes: ahir i avui” Church Esglèsia de Sant Antoni.With works of Salvador Dalí, Joan Miró, Max Ernst, René Margitteand André Breton. Video-installation with videos ”Phase REM” and ”Ópalo”and work of Luis Bunuel. Catalogue.


  • WOANDERSLAND , individual show and retrospective in the Gallery Hof Nr.3 in Kalkar, Germany. Catalogue.
  • Individual show / Price of the 33. Miniprint International of Cadaqués.ADOGI / Galeria Fort.
  • Fundació Tharrats d´Art Grafic, Barcelona /
  • Galerie L´Etang d´Art, Bages / France.
  • Wingfield Arts Festival / England. Catalogue.Collective show ” All the Winners”, Galeria Aqua Fortis in Barcelonaand in the Museu de Miniatures, Besalú,Spain.
  • Participation in the exhibition / retrospective of “Richard Hamilton in Cadaqués”  (Colaborations). With works of R. Hamilton, Marcel Duchamp and Dieter Roth. Galeria Cadaqués.
  • Collective + benefit show “Artists for education” in the “Societat d´Amistat” and the Galeria Patrick Domken in Cadaqués / Spain.


  • Illustration and publication “Kultur & Nöje” / Sweden. Production of the shortfilm EALON, sience fiction, 15min. Expo. Collective “Die Welt der Kunst” , Galerie Hof Nr.3 in Kalkar /  German
  • Publication in the german “GEO saison 8.15″ magazine.”Heroes and Villains”, individual show + conference in the Kulturkossan Gallery in Järvsö / Sweden
  • “The Analogue Cyber Frieze” individual show and projection of “Ealon” in the             Fabrica Lehman, Editorial “ComaNegra BCN” in Barcelona / Spain.
  • “Burlesque”, individual expo. in the Galeria Espai dos in Cadaqués,Spain.
  • Privat Collections in the EU and USA.